Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why you miscall?

I like friday, saturday, sunday & holidays. Remember, is without burden n hassle. A day which can put down & release all stress.

I dont like ppl miscall me to get me return their call. If you really want to talk to me, just pls pls pls hold the ring until i answer your call. One time, two time miscall, nvm. But, 3,4,5........ fed up.

I dont like means i dont like. I dont tell you directly means you should UNDERSTOOD. I didnt mean to hurt your feeling but doesnt mean let you step over me!!!!!

You have feeling, i also have feeling. You like control people but doesnt mean I can let you control happily!!!!!!!!!!!

I respect you, doesnt mean let you suka suka come here and kacau & disturb other's children. Have you ever think of others feeling?! I also respect coz you r older than me.

My place is not hotel. not weekly fun fair. You want rest, i also want rest.


and, do you know appointment means?

I didnt mention any name here. So, dont bother if you think you r not the one i mean at here.

p/s: i figure that i use so many times of this word -> dont, didnt, doesnt..

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