Monday, February 14, 2011

thks.....ivy. :)

wahahaha........thanks Ivy khaw..U r my first blog follower in my entire blog life. since i start this blog.... =)

U might think is too over reaction but is true mah..

Yesterday is Valentine day. What a sweet day. It could happen to any one of u. Mayb u feel happy. Boring. Sexy. Romantic. Waiting for a sursprise? or whatever.

For mine. As a married woman. is just another day w a bit luvly colour... no flower. no candle light. no window side. Just a normal take-away Pizza Hut,share w my B. I dun really like pizza but their chicken wingsss,Yummy. Again, thanks Honey for accept who i am n the way i accept u too.

M no religion person. But still i hv to thank god for this. My family. My friends.

Happy belated V-day!!!

P.s.: For those "boikot" V-day. Go to H. Think of other else not juz bcoz ur foolish thinking. Keep that in ur mind. Dun do stupid act in tv and spread ur nonsense.


  1. I'm pet猫猫, i'm here to visit you....thank u for visiting me.....:) u r more than welcome....:)

  2. You are most welcome since i knw we have quite similiar story in life..