Thursday, November 10, 2011

mission completed.

Phew~ Finally this mission was completed.

i really have my own P car license. It is car license!!

i never though i can own it.

after i graduate from high school....i chase $$$, use $$$ for my family.

then for myself but still can't even afford this test fees.

now, i married to a jb guy. so, i also changed my job to another job line.

this boss is kind enough to let take car test, without paying one cent.......kinda touching that time.

so, i failed, i pass, then i failed and i pass........eventually!

haha, although i need take twice only pass the test......and i also need to pay re-sit test fees....

so, not feel too guilty, haha...

i am thankful for those who had been wish me luck and wish me pass this test....

i am sincerely to say thank you. no matter you know or don't know me.

but i am still afraid to bring car go out....too many carsssssssssss.


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