Saturday, November 26, 2011

unbelievable today.

this week got 3 days holidays!!! finally, i done what i want to do in office. So, next week not so kancheong anymore.

So, friday, my BB 竟然go to gambling without my knowledge!!! How dare is him! Haiz, that's y i got-a-feeling on friday morning after he said he want to change the dollar to ringgit!

nvm, as long as he said he got won some $$. Wait a minute, later i better check with him, whether is true or not. Hmm!

Today is saturday. Fu*king good!! i am so long long long time never sleep afternoon nap in house already!!!! I am not hate u u u u come to visit me but pls not every weekend and holidays!! It makes me feel like m living under prison!!!!

U r my older than me, i respect u. But respect doesn't mean let u step n step over me again and again.

Where is my wedding accessories? I think i want it back, i dont want create or involve in another tragedy. I want it back.

i dun want it happens like HK drama. Grab all my innocence things. Yes, i dont really like with all my heart yet. Love takes time, u knew it! Same as u too.

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