Saturday, September 22, 2012

Life. Money. Friends.

hi, there.....everyone out there. Good day to your..

i have been go through a lot of things, just like you and you and you....haha...

Life did not easy for me, Challenge me always. Make me feel hard. 
Stress keep adding on me.
Happiness seems less and less.

Money also not friend with me, maybe it unfriend me.
i earn how much, it left me how frequently.
i want to hold it, it keep struggle in my arm.
but i know that it won't happy if i keep holding on it,
so, where is the love??? i wondering how to beg more from you..
You know i love you so much..

Friend, What is friend defines? Define with me.
Friends with benefit?
Friend with motive?
Friend with ....whatever.
When i need you the most, she hides.
When i happy on myself, she annoys.
Ok, so be it. 


Yesterday, i found a site offer free online course, collaborate with a lot famous international universities! Such golden chance, i grab myself two courses!! 
Wow, so long didn't improve myself... Since it is free, why not? They offer so many types of courses, hard to choose step by step, you will glad what you found in there.
From IT to Finance, to Health, to Food....a lot!!

The site is : 


Ok, till then. bye...

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