Sunday, September 4, 2011

You leave me no choice.

Less than 24 hrs from now. The blue monster is waiting for me.

Although the devil not yet come back to office but i still can imagine he is around us, watching us.

Devil, devil, i hope i can escape from you someday. Maybe end of this year? After CNY? After bonus? Why god must testing me? Why devil always can offer something we needed?


Oh. My health is running low and weak. What i drink or eat, all come out when i coughing. and, i still F.A.T.

I read the Mr Jobs's speech from one of my link's blog. Very positive. It leads me to the way i ever wanted in my heart. Never regret what you chose and done. Because all dots you put will connected one day when you look back.

So, i hope i can make it. Just do it.

but, things always running out of your hand.

Dim gaiiiiiiiiii~~~

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